Changes To Adwords – Everything You Need To Know

May 27th, 2016 / Nik Ranger

As of the 24th May 2016, the mobile first world is here. The mobile revolution makes it easier for consumers to search online, linking their search intent like never before with sophisticated intuitive technology that is available to us. We’re here to map out what it looks like – and how you can use this information to your advantage.

Advertisers shouldn’t be asking ‘if’ they should invest in mobile, but ‘how’. Google has increasingly gotten better at understanding user intent and the context around it by measuring micro-moments.

From what we’ve seen there are three huge changes to ad formats being incrementally rolled out over the next few months that will see a dramatic change in the way we use and interact with PPC advertising.

Text Ads

In February 2016, Google removed the right hand side ads to improve the search experience, the greater reason why only unveiled up until now. Google Adwords are expanding their text ads size by nearly 50% to include double headlines, greater meta description characters, changes to the URL field and creating up to two path fields for greater character length.

This is HUGE. By expanding the text ad size by nearly 50%, you have a greater opportunity to highlight your products and services. BETA testing has shown over a 20% increase in their CTR over existing text ads. Taking advantage of this change in format early will be critical to your success. We encourage you to make plans and prepare your extended ads for when the changes roll out later this year.

new adwords text ads

Display Ads

The Google Display Network are looking to streamline their display ads. No longer will advertisers have to manipulate their images to the exact pixel size for different display ad formats, google will now do this for you.

changes to display ads

Google will do the rest for you and fit it to any display ad platform, yes you read this correctly. This new re-design will unlock native inventory across the Google Display Network.

This means beautiful looking display ads that are optimised being put in front of customers during those precious micro-moments.

Bidding Changes

  With all of these changes, we need more control over the way we can bid across devices, as well as more flexibility on how much we can bid for each device. Google Adwords are looking to roll out individual bid adjustments forThe each device type.

adwords device bidding

You can now anchor your base keyword to whichever device drives the performance for your business. With this additional control and flexibility, you can now optimise your bids for the devices that matter the most to you – all within a single Adwords campaign.


We knew there’d be changes happening, and we’ve kept our finger on the pulse to make sure that we’re fully prepared for when these changes do roll out. From speaking to Google, we can confirm that these changes will be rolled out by July 1st – 2016 with the two text ad platforms running parallel. However as of November / December these changes to text ads will be permanent.

All of this is the new AdWords.


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