How to Write a Great Google Ad

The content and quality of Google ads matter immensely. Find out what makes people click through the ad to your webpage.

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Sidelined: What Do The 4 PPC Ads At The Top Of The SERP Mean For You?

Predikkta explores how Google’s new SERP may look smooth, but this smoothness hides flaws.

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The No 1 Reason Why Australian Businesses are Failing Online

Find out why businesses have a terrible time online, and the three simple questions that let you identify if it is your problem.

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The SERP Advertisement Trilogy: Part 2

We look at how the Trademark Approach works when it comes to online advertising as well as how it compares to other methods.

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Why Blogs are Killing Your Business: Part 2

Blogs are not going to solve your problems – in fact, they could kill your business. Here are a few more reasons why you shouldn’t have a blog.

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The SERP Advertisement Trilogy: Part 1

The development of something called the 3 Approaches Theory. This explores the creation of the theory, as well as a look at the Marketing Approach.

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What is the Relationship Between CTR and SEO?

We explore and investigate the relationship between SEO and CTR and look at how it can affect bounce rate.

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Special Characters in Title Tags: Reloaded

We take a look at the negatives and positives of using special characters in Title Tags and how they have impacted CTR.

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The Importance of Titles in Google Mobile Search

The differences between mobile devices and desktops are increasing. Find out how you can adapt your business to the mobile age.

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The Difference Between Google’s Panda & Penguin Updates

Why, out of all the animals they could have chosen, did Google choose two that started with the same letter? If you ever wondered what the difference between the two types of updates were, now is your chance.

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