Page Speed – Why Every Second Matters?

A study into the impact of web page speed on user experience and conversions that is still cited frequently, is one done by Akamai. Even though it dates back to 2009, the findings are still relevant today, and perhaps even more so, now that smartphone usage is well and truly entrenched in our daily lives. [...] Read More

Why Your Website Ranks Differently In Desktop And Mobile Searches

We were recently asked why a website would rank differently on desktop and mobile when using the same search query. It would be easy to respond with a vague answer of how Google and other search engines apply different weightings to ranking factors for mobile and desktop. But this implies that there is nothing you [...] Read More

How You And Your Audience Can Benefit From HTTP/2

Most internet users will only be familiar with HTTP as a part of a URL, though some might know the source words of the initialism (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Acutely aware of the limitations of HTTP 1.1, and the way in which developers tried to work around them, a team at Google developed SPDY, an experimental protocol that later shaped the HTTP/2 specification. Without delving too far into the technical aspects of HTTP/2, we list the key differences.

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Why Website Loading Speed is the most Important Part of your Business

Page loading is one of the most incredibly frustrating events of our times. From a business perspective, that waiting time can have an even graver impact.

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