How to Write a Great Google Ad

May 13th, 2016 / Predikkta

Google Adwords can be a difficult beast to tame. Sometimes you think your ad is on the money and then the clicks just don’t roll through, but other times you feel unsure and your clicks skyrocket. There’s no foolproof formula for creating the perfect Google ad, but there is a way to suss out what your customers will respond to before your ad goes live. Doing this groundwork will help you optimise the content of your ads so you can get the most out of your next Adwords campaign.

Understanding Google Adwords

If you’ve ever used Google (and really, who hasn’t?!) then you’ve no doubt seen the ads that pop up above and below your search results. These ads are part of Google’s paid advertising platform, Google Adwords, which displays ads to people when they search for your products or services.

The content and quality of these ads matters immensely, as this is what determines the position of your ad on the page and how many people click through the ad to your webpage. Google favours ads that are high quality and relevant, so advertisers who are able to optimise their content spend less than advertisers whose content is not optimised. Therefore, using the right keywords and finding out what entices people to click on your ad is vital to creating a successful Adwords campaign. Though a positive side effect of a Predikkta experiment is you also find out in order what words or phrases upset your customer. This for many clients has turned out to be as important as optimizing the click through rate. Knowing what upsets your clients has prevented horrible mistakes in other forums. We had a young couple with a burgeoning business shirt website whom were considering a re-development of their website to be of a more light hearted nature, with cartoon elements. The Adwords experiment outcome highlighted that their customer was in fact very staid and all light hearted comments were detested by the customer. The customer base they had developed was a no nonsense customer interested in fashion, quality, price and free shipping. Predikkta has developed the Adwords Optimiser Tool to help you figure this out.

Adwords Optimiser Tool

Predikkta’s Adwords Optimiser Tool takes the guesswork out of Google by allowing you to create a survey which tests different ad content options. Using sophisticated technology and a complex algorithm, the Tool allows users to receive insightful data from a relatively small number of respondents. By testing a range of different headlines, descriptions, URLs and extensions, which can amount to 1000’s of possible combinations you can increase your success margins and give yourself an edge over competitors.

Five Steps to Great Ad Content

There are only five steps standing between you and great Adwords content, and the Adwords Optimiser Tool can guide you through all of them. All you need to do is:

1. Set Up Survey

Give your survey a name, input the URL you wish to appear in the ad and assign the keyword that you’d like to be associated with the ad.

2. Build Content

Write up to six variations of each of the ad components, including the Heading, Description, Callouts and URL. You can also test different Adwords Extensions such as your phone number and business location.

3. Review Content

Take a look at the finished survey, complete with introduction and instructions. You can make any changes you feel are necessary to ensure it sets the right tone for your customers.

4. Share Survey

Spread the word about your survey via social media or any other channel that leads you to your customers. It can help to offer people a special discount or bonus as an extra incentive to fill in the survey.

5. View Results

Gather as few as 20 respondents and then view the in-depth data about the content they liked best. You use the simulator and detailed charts to compare the best ad with the underperforming ads to get even more insight to your customers.


When you do your research before launching a Google Adwords campaign, you can eliminate a lot of the time-consuming experimentation that often goes on after the ads have been published. You can also secure a better return on investment by targeting campaign money more accurately. There are many benefits to using Predikkta’s Adwords Optimiser Tool to complete this research, as it allows you to:

  • Find your ideal ad in 5 simple steps
  • Take advantage of nobel prize winning mathematics
  • Test description lines as independent variables
  • Test in a simulated environment
  • Receive real-time results


Once you get to know what your customers look for in a Google Adwords ad, you’ll be able to create content that speaks directly to them. This is the foot in the door you need to get people to click on the ad and direct their attention towards your business. Find out what makes your customer click.


The content and quality of Google ads matter immensely. Find out what makes people click through the ad to your webpage.

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*Predikkta has sourced several external independent global tools to analyze websites.These tools do not reflect on occasion the internal website analytics, but are recognised global tools and provide accurate comparative results for measurement against competitors.

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