Instagram Is Changing – What Does This Mean For You?

Instagram is changing its algorithm to predict which photos are most relevant to its users.

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Sidelined: What Do The 4 PPC Ads At The Top Of The SERP Mean For You?

Predikkta explores how Google’s new SERP may look smooth, but this smoothness hides flaws.

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Why CEOs Should Know the Difference Between Follow and Nofollow Links

What are follow and nofollow links and why are they important for your website. Find out how to get the most out of backlinks.

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The No 1 Reason Why Australian Businesses are Failing Online

Find out why businesses have a terrible time online, and the three simple questions that let you identify if it is your problem.

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Why Website Loading Speed is the most Important Part of your Business

Page loading is one of the most incredibly frustrating events of our times. From a business perspective, that waiting time can have an even graver impact.

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The SERP Advertisement Trilogy: Part 2

We look at how the Trademark Approach works when it comes to online advertising as well as how it compares to other methods.

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Why Blogs are Killing Your Business: Part 2

Blogs are not going to solve your problems – in fact, they could kill your business. Here are a few more reasons why you shouldn’t have a blog.

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The SERP Advertisement Trilogy: Part 1

The development of something called the 3 Approaches Theory. This explores the creation of the theory, as well as a look at the Marketing Approach.

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What is the Relationship Between CTR and SEO?

We explore and investigate the relationship between SEO and CTR and look at how it can affect bounce rate.

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Special Characters in Title Tags: Reloaded

We take a look at the negatives and positives of using special characters in Title Tags and how they have impacted CTR.

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