Why Blogs are Killing Your Business: Part 1

Blogs are not going to solve your problems – in fact, they could kill your business. Here are a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t have a blog.

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How Rich Snippets Impact SEO and CTR

Rich snippets: one overlooked part of your organic search that can really make you stand out from the crowd, and get those extra clicks (aka structured data).

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In Google We Trust: The Trust Rank and Authority with Link Building

Whilst what link building has been addressed, what is this whole “trust” nonsense anyway? And how does the Big G (Google) reward trustworthy sites?

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What is OutBrain

Content marketing and Outbrain: Although it has been covered previously, sometimes it is necessary to explore further. Is content marketing marketing? And why use content marketing anyway?

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Long vs Short Tail Searches Part 2: Short Tail Search Results

An overview of short tail keywords as well as a quick understanding of why the different types of searches have an impact on CTR and SEO.

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What Has Happened in Greece?

A mercifully brief summary of the events, with explanations of economic terms along the way for those of us who don’t have a masters in political economy.

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Why White Hat SEO Techniques Are Beneficial

White hat and black hat SEO. Whilst black hat is seen as “get rich quick”, the white hat techniques are certainly more rewarding. Here’s why.

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Anchor’s Away! Concerning Anchor Text

Have you heard about “anchor text”, but been unsure about what that actually meant? Now is your chance to learn all about it!

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Outbrain: A Brief Overview, and How This Can Help You Online

Content Marketing and Outbrain: What are these two things – and how are they useful to your online marketing campaign?

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Long vs Short Tail Searches Part 1: The Tale of the Long Tail Search

An overview of long tail searches as well as a quick understanding of why the different types of searches have an impact on Click Through Rate and SEO.

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