Small Changes to Your Search Result Make A Big Difference

May 15th, 2015 / Karen R

User Experience, Marketing and SEO are three terms that you might have come across a lot of in the online space. They are confusing and it’s easy to get lost in amongst all of their terms and methodologies. In this article, we take a look at a few little & simple changes that will make a big sales impact.

Small Changes Make Big Differences


You might have heard of the term “Three-Click Rule” before. If you go to a site and it takes too long to load or you can’t seem to find the content that you’re looking for, you’re more likely to look elsewhere. The Three-Click Rule directly addresses this frustration, acknowledging a user’s desire for fast gratification and the threat that a competitor’s content is only a click away.

It’s been proven that reducing the number of clicks to desired content increases conversions. A recent UK study shows the impact on conversion rate when the user is directed from an Ad to the Home Page (main page of website) compared to when the user is taken directly to the desired content:

Webpage vs Direct

Though the % difference seems marginal 19.2% -v- 23.4% (that is only a 4% difference) by changing the Ad so the customer goes directly to the desired page you receive over 21%more customers.

*Courtesy of the Behavioral Insights Team UK


When you visit an online store that you’ve shopped from before and it says, “Welcome back, Karen!” (or your name, if it isn’t Karen) you’re more likely to shop from them again. Especially if, after they welcome you, they show you “similar products” to what you had previously purchased. We all appreciate that personal touch because it makes us feel special.

Similarly, if you receive a letter and your name was handwritten, how much more likely are you going to open that letter? Versus the pile of printed letters that “looks like bills”.

Personalization, in marketing campaigns, can lead to an increase in response by 30-50%. It’s an increase that you should not ignore.

In a UK study, the Behavioral Insights Team sent out brown letters with no personal message and white letters with a little “handwritten” note.

Two Envelopes
Brown vs Personalized

Again, the % difference seems marginal 21.8% -v- 26.0% (that is only a 4% difference) by personalizing the Letter however that equates to over 19% more people opening the letter.

It confirms that personalization works. People are more likely to open a letter if it has been personalized. Take the time to investigate how you actually present to your customer. There is no doubt that the legal team and marketing looked over the contents of the letter, but had you considered the envelope?

*Courtesy of the Behavioral Insights Team UK


So, what does any of that marketing mumbo-jumbo have to do with changing your free Google ad?

As I mentioned previously, little changes can make a BIG difference!

If you have a website, have you considered your Google Ad (or search result)? Is it the best Ad it can possibly be? Are people clicking through to your site for your great product? changed their ad recently and they managed to increase their Click-Through Rate (CTR) from 2.4% to 7.6%. That’s over 300%.

Before and After

How did they do this? mysupernanny took what they already had and conducted an experiment to find out what their optimal search result was. They asked 160 people to take what appeared as a simple survey and the results showed them exactly what the users wanted to see:

Pre and Post Predikkta

By adjusting the headline to fit into one line, including keywords such as “free” and incorporating the tick symbol, mysupernanny made their search result so much more enticing to potential customers.

Optimizing your Google ad for your customer works.

You spent 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars building and marketing your website.

Make sure that you spend time optimizing the final presentation of your “product” to optimize the way it is presented to customers.

Small changes make a big difference.


How small changes to your website can have a massive impact on your conversion rates and why is it so important to optimize your Google ad or Search Result?

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*Predikkta has sourced several external independent global tools to analyze websites.These tools do not reflect on occasion the internal website analytics, but are recognised global tools and provide accurate comparative results for measurement against competitors.

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