Why are Backlinks Important?

Quality backlinks mean more customers and more sales $$$.

This post is simple and heavily qualified to provide a beginner’s guide to understanding backlinks. If you read about the death of backlinks, you are reading either a sensationalized story or a clickbait story.

Quality backlinks are vitally important for your website into order to rank high on Google. Search engines like Google use these links as a key measurement to determine what websites to show on top of search results.

So, what are these “backlinks”? There are many types of links but to keep it simple and generalized, backlinks are other websites pointing to your website with a clickable link.

For example: wrote a story on Predikkta and in the story there is a clickable link to An excerpt from the story is as follows:

“…Co-founder of Predikkta, a Melbourne-based tech startup gearing up to launch its Predictive Analytics Survey platform for businesses to optimise their Click-Through Rates (CTRs) on Adwords.”

The Predikkta is clickable and counts as one link to Predikkta. Hence click on the word Predikkta in the article and you end up on the Predikkta website homepage. So has one link from Importantly as the Click-through word is “Predikkta” – that is the word you should see increase in ranking.

So now you know what a general backlink is.


Backlinks are important because search engines like Google use these links as a key factor when determining which websites to show on the top of search results.


Your website is and specializes in fashion. If you merely put up the website with pretty pictures and have no links – then will never appear high or likely at all on a Google search. However if you can get websites like:

to publish an article about your website and have a clickable link in the article, there is high chance you will appear near the top of Google search results for fashion, if that is the clickable word that they used for the link in the article. Why? Because the four links above have a high domain authority. All four websites are globally recognized, reputable websites. A high domain authority is a term used to describe a link from a reputable website.

Now imagine that instead of the four reputable links above, the disreputable links below were pointed

In this instance, the website again has four links, however, it is unlikely that will appear at all on search engines like Google’s search results as the websites hosting the link are not high domain authorities and do not even appear relevant to fashion.

In fact there is a high chance, given the lack of relevance of to those websites, that search engines like Google will consider that is trying to trick it, and black ban from search results. This part of the Google algorithm is commonly called the “penguin update”. You may be told “You have been hit by the penguin update”. Fancy terminology but, in short, they are saying that you have a whole lot of dodgy links pointed at your website.


Let’s go back to links. So generally, we know what a link is and we know why they are important. But, just how much do companies spend on link building?

According to a 2014 link building survey (

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