Why White Hat SEO Techniques Are Beneficial

June 25th, 2015 / Aidan Johnson

Asking why white hat SEO techniques are more beneficial than black hat tactics is much like choosing between the angel and the devil on your shoulder. Are you willing to endanger your company, take advantage of your clientele and basically utilize unethical methodologies to increase your standing in the search engines? Or are you willing to work for it and gain the position that your company deserves? This choice is the true difference between white hat and black hat practices.

Why Are White Hat SEO Techniques Important? Learn why lasting and ethical improvements to your website are always good business practice – and why you should definitely listen to that little angel on your shoulder instead of the devil.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO


White hat tactics need you to learn the ins and outs of SEO, and all the changing algorithms employed by Google. These tactics require you to understand the proper usage of keywords, backlinks, and other SEO techniques. In short, they require a lot of work and effort to be successful.

It is through this effort, on your part, that would lead to your site realizing a more consistent sustainability. There is no constant expenditure to cheat the system and no desperate and sneaky tactics to deceive customers. You interact with your website visitors like the people that they are, not spammy constituents.


Black hat techniques are rife with spam. In fact, they not only spam the search engines but they spam their customers. No one gets the warm fuzzies from spam – ever. In fact, spam has a tendency to drive potential consumers far, far away from the site.

White hat tactics on the other hand, increase customer enthusiasm. They are far more eager to continue a relationship with your company. People prefer dealing with real websites that meet their needs, and they can smell out a fake pretty quickly.


Black hat methods are not transparent methods that will achieve higher SEO rankings. In fact, everything is done underhandedly and in secret. In sharp contrast, white hat techniques require no secrecy and can actually help SEO and page rankings through honest networking opportunities and open and transparent methods employed. Due to the work employed in white hat SEO, you become an expert in the policies and procedures employed by Google, giving you an edge over those who employ the black hat.


Spammy content is hugely annoying. No doubt you have landed on a site that was full of gibberish, with strategically placed links scattered across the website. That is a black hat tactic designed for the sole purpose of making money. However, sites with that type of content are unacceptable, and are punished by visitors accordingly (in the form of escaping as quickly as possible).

White hat practices ensure real content, written by real humans, for the purpose of real humans reading it. The focus on Google’s spiders and search crawlers is limited, as ultimately it is not aimed at other people. The angelic white hat techniques are focused on reaching other people and the rewards include a lower bounce rate.

CTR Success


Because white hat tactics require that you employ the use of keywords, backlinking, site feedback and mapping, there is a greater opportunity for revenue. With traffic coming from multiple channels, an online version of “word-of-mouth” will create additional consumer opportunities. The fact that you are taking the time to create real content, instead of just employing a computerized spinning program, will enable your readers to share what you have provided on your site. Being real with today’s consumers will take you much farther than any prepaid SEO ranking a black hat SEO provider might offer.


Face it, attempting to cheat the system can cost you. As soon as algorithms change, or a new and better cheater comes along, you will be booted from your unethically acquired position. Your mother was right when she told you that cheating didn’t pay. In truth, white hat methods ensure that you are abiding by the rules and therefore the risk is almost non-existent. However, black hat approaches are almost always in direct violation of some sort of rule and could ultimately cost you far more than you are ready to pay.

Cheaters never win. Black hat strategies are finite and require far more money and energy than just abiding by the rules. Learn the tools of the trade and seek out advice from other reputable SEO professionals. It is always better to go the angel route anyway.

White Hat SEO is Best


White hat and black hat SEO. Whilst black hat is seen as “get rich quick”, the white hat techniques are certainly more rewarding. Here’s why.

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