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Predikkta offers a systematic method of improvement for websites. We use a standardized model to help deliver results that increase efficiency and lead to greater profits.

The method Predikkta employs creates a common ground so that a digital team can easily understand the metrics and make decisions based on facts rather than opinions. The new search analytics tool available in Search Console (aka. Google Webmaster Tools) provides us with factual outcomes that can be directly correlated to our experiments and trials. SEOs and CEOs can determine success independently and empirically – the facts are clear for all to see, and leave no room for ambiguities.

Predikkta can save everyone’s time with short, concise meetings that are highly goal-orientated. These more efficient meeting would in turn empower employees, align teams and increase revenues. After all, there would be more time working and less time deliberation. Predikkta’s focus is to ensure the data is available to all.

Proposals for digital improvement have circled around meeting tables and sparked heated debates amongst heads-of-departments for years. Now, Predikkta allows an organization to test variables of their website in order to find out, without a doubt, what would convert best.

There are no questions or debates about the results. Variations are tested and you get an answer.

Based on this open and honest attitude, it would make sense for organizations to be leaping onto the Predikkta bandwagon. After all, who doesn’t want to improve their conversion rates? However, there are obstacles that can stand in the way. One significant obstacle is a lack of buy-in from members within the organization.

predikkta band wagon

Picture this for example: you are a leader in a large company, which has numerous stakeholders and interest groups. You, as a forward thinking and innovative leader, can see the potential that Predikkta can bring, but some of the stakeholders do not. Whether it’s personal politics, job security, or even hesitation over the radically new techniques and technologies Predikkta uses, these stakeholders will try to undermine confidence in the process. Perhaps they might say that conversion rates are “fine”, and maybe they even say that they are “better than average”. Perhaps this is all true.

But they are also missing the potential Predikkta presents. They can miss the possibilities of testing and improving on whatever they (and your company) might already have in place. This is why buy-ins are crucial; without them, implementation of Predikkta comes to a stop.

How do you get the wheels turning again? It is important that each of the key members within the organisation understand the value that Predikkta presents. All members have a different perspective on the business and can contribute their piece to help the organisation, as a whole, achieve its primary goals. How do you get all members of your organization on board? Take a look at these tips:

#1 –Share the Facts

Prepare a presentation that includes case studies of several businesses, in your industry, which have used Predikkta (or ask us for some). On top of this, show the benefits the other businesses received as a direct result. When working with a third party, involve a representative in the discussion, as they will have input that can reinforce the advantages of using Predikkta. By sharing the facts with key stakeholders, they will begin to understand the benefits of implementing Predikkta.

#2 – Key Player Involvement

The more involved a person is with an initiative, the more invested they will be. With this in mind, involve key players in the Predikkta implementation from the start. Host a meeting upon launching the strategy, and stress the importance that they attend. Ask for their opinion on implementation, and listen to their recommendations (and opinions) on the matter. Valuable input can be gathered by involving all of the key players within a business, as they can offer information on site elements, obstacles, genuine concerns and recommendations. This can help improve the effectiveness of Predikkta whilst also resulting in buy-in.

#3 – Share the “What’s In It for Me”

Predikkta has clear benefits for the company as a whole, but many see digital as a separate part of the business. By showing them “what’s in it for them”, you are sharing how Predikkta will increase the leads generated through a specific channel. For example, take a landing page; focussing on this will be enticing to a sales manager who is responsible for meeting a specific quota.

The benefit of Predikkta is that it touches on many stages of the sales process. Client facing roles, such as sales and support, can optimize their call-to-actions, messaging, subject lines, and sending schedules. Marketing managers can actually pre-test their display ads to see if they are effective, as well as test social sharing buttons and landing page effectiveness. It doesn’t stop there; engineering teams can investigate optimal paths to purchase and user flows. So, investigate the various stages that Predikkta can improve upon, and share those benefits with the individuals who manage those positions.

#4 –Build Confidence and Reassurance by Showing Transparency

Transparency in the implementation of a Predikkta initiative shows team members that there is nothing to hide, which will increase their confidence. Use clear communication to share timelines, testing plans and calendars, so that key members know exactly what is going on. Again, the more involved they are, the more bought-in they will be.

For those departments that will be playing an active role in the Predikkta experiments, offer them access to Google Search Console (Webmaster tools) so that they can observe the outcomes for themselves. Translate the data in Search Console to results that they can understand (revenue, customers, profit, etc). Reassure them that their goals are of priority and all goals and website changes will be discussed to ensure the optimization of the whole organization.

#5 – Keep Everyone in the Loop

This is related to showing transparency. After showing the projected benefits of Predikkta, and implementing the “predicted best” outcome, results will come. When those results do come, use this is as your chance to reinforce your Predikkta initiative. Doing so is especially helpful when a test has resulted in a solid win. However, it is also important to address challenges, balance conflicts and maintain transparency. Keep key players involved in decision-making, and inform them of progress being made over longer periods of time.

#6 – Make it Fun!

Everybody wants to be a part of something fun, so what better way to earn buy-in than creating a fun experience around Predikkta. Which variation does the team think will come out ahead? Conduct a survey or group email, which involves the members of the company and gets them thinking about the optimization. Encourage predictions and even entice participation with a prize for the most accurate one. This facilitates buy-in and encourages optimization thinking amongst the organization’s members.

In summary, earning buy-in from organization members on Predikkta may feel like a challenge at first. However, with some thoughtful preparation, it can be earned effectively. Fortunately, Predikkta is an initiative that almost sells itself with the benefits it can bring. By ensuring that everyone understands the facts, you can earn the honest buy-in you need. However, to ensure every last person is on board, remember to involve key members, share the facts, keep them updated, be transparent, show benefits for various levels of management and make it fun! With these tips, you will be on the continuous path to ever increasing optimization.

If you still have any questions after reading this guide, please contact one of our dedicated concierges