"Increase Click-Through-Rate for Your AdWords Campaigns"

Starting an AdWords campaign but don't know what content will bring the best results? Thinking of entering a new market and want to make sure you run the optimal campaign? Or perhaps you've got an AdWords campaign up and running, and your click through rate should be higher?

The AdWords Optimizer Tool allows you build a survey to test 1000’s of different kinds of AdWords content before you go live. By testing 1000’s of options first, you can discover exactly what entices customers to click on your ads.

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The Optimizer tool results also lets you know what customers do not like which sometimes can be just as important.

Using Predikkta’s sophisticated technology you can gather accurate, actionable information from a relatively small number of survey respondents. This means you can spend less time experimenting and more time reaping the rewards of your AdWords campaign.

You can also go further and use the AAdWords - Competitor Test to test new variations of your ad directly against your competitors and see how your ads stack up.

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8 Benefits of Using the AdWords Optimiser Tool


Find Your Ideal Ad in 5 Simple Steps

The AdWords Optimiser Tool is a quick and easy way to receive valuable feedback on your Google AdWords ads. All you need to do is set up the survey, insert ad content, review the content, share the survey and view the results. Our friendly staff are always available if needed.


Take Advantage of Sophisticated Technology

Predikkta’s AdWords Optimiser Tool uses advanced technology and a complex algorithm which enables users to gather accurate, informative data from a relatively small sample size. By packaging this sophisticated technology into what appears as a simple tool, it makes this information accessible to all users so anyone can create effective AdWords campaigns.


Test Description Lines as Independent Variables

Google Ad’s contain two description lines and the AdWords Optimiser Tool gives you the option of testing each line independently or together to determine the ads effectiveness. Using the ‘Split Lines’ function, you may find the lines are strongest as a pair or that one line is stronger than the other, which will help you identify the most effective combinations. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Joint Lines’ to test the two description lines as a one.


Secure a Better Return on Investment

The results you receive from the AdWords Optimiser Tool will give you the insights and targeted information you need to maximise the return on investment from your AdWords campaign. Once you’ve filled in the content you wish to test, Predikkta will apply science strategically to help maximize your return on investment.


Test in a Simulated Environment

The AdWords Optimiser Tool enables you to test your new AdWords content in a controlled yet realistic environment so you can experiment without jeopardising your current AdWords campaign or your business’ reputation. It’s the perfect opportunity to test radical or subtle changes so you can discover your customers’ triggers. Including wide ranges for prices and discounts can be helpful, sometimes something unexpected or improbable has a big influence on decision making.


Start a New Campaign Confidently

By doing some trial and error before launching a new AdWords campaign, you will eliminate a lot of the time-consuming, stressful experimentation that usually goes on in the first few weeks of a campaign. With the results from the AdWords Optimiser Tool, you will instead be confident that your ad will elicit the desired response from your audience and give you an edge over competitors.


Expand into New Markets

Translating or replicating your existing ads for a new market is difficult, as you are usually unfamiliar with the new customer. By testing ads on your target audience using the AdWords Optimiser Tool, you’ll get to know your new customers find out what they like and don’t like and create ads and campaigns that are relevant to their needs.


Receive Real-Time Results

Accessing results in real-time allows you to make decisions based on the most up-to-date, accurate information possible. Additional information from the simulator and detailed charts will enable you to compare results from the best ad against those of the underperforming ads. Studying all the information closely will help you better understand your customer and create the best ad campaigns possible.

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