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1. I just got a chance to review the service. How are the survey recipients chosen?
I'm concerned that the audience will be totally separate and therefore the results will not be useful.

There are no abnormal outcomes in a Predikkta survey.

Why? Because you only test Headlines, Urls’s & Descriptions that you were considering anyway. We let you know which is the best one out of the 4000 + possible combinations that are available. The recipients of the survey can be chosen by you or provided by us, but our experience across the globe dictates little difference in results either way.

Why does it work? People know what they are searching for, they just typed in the search query! In the .5 of a second after they have pressed enter they trust google to bring up relevant results so the searcher is quickly scanning and looking for the most professional, substantive & informative result. We give you that.

You choose the words we ensure you know what the perfect package is to be presented to customers so the customers open and click through to your website.

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2. Why can’t I use A/B testing on my Free Google Ad?

Google have many tools but they do not help you find your most clickable free Ad. Why? Google want you to use AdWords. Google don’t want you pro-actively using your free Ads. Every time you make a substantial change in your marketing message you should at a minimum change the Description in your Free Ad, it just makes sense. Predikkta lets you optimize your click through rate without any risk.

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3. What is the baseline?

The baseline is used as a comparisons. By default, this is set to the first thing that you inputted into the Headline or URL or Description fields. You can change this to whatever combination you like from the results page. Just use the simulator, select whichever combination that you like by using the relevant selector buttons (Headlines, URLs, etc.) and then click on the arrow on the baseline button to select "set as baseline".

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4. Why should I test my URL as "" when Google only displays my top level domain as ""?

We give you the option to test different URLs because you may want to test different top level domains You may be creating a survey before you have decided on a domain name and we don't want to limit you.

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5. How do I add my keyword to my already established top level domain?

If you already have a domain name and have found that a specific keyword works best when added to your URL, you have two options:

  1. Create a Google AdWords ad and place that keyword into your URL.
  2. Create a page on your website called "keyword" and place the relevant meta tags on that page. Google will display those details on your organic search result / snippet if you have sitelinks.

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6. How do I put my new found results onto my website?

You will need to update / add meta tags to your HTML code. There are many ways to do this. Just head to our resources page and we will guide you through the process.

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7. What does my SERP Optimizer Self Result mean?

On a self-test when your results are in often the differential range is from negative 100% to positive 250%. So assuming you enact the optimal outcome (positive 250%) on your website, what will this do to your Click Through rate? Does it go up by 250%?

The short answer is No.

At a minimum we have seen after enactment the Click Through rate increase by 50% though we have seen increases up to 200%.

Why the difference?

The self-test was against yourself not against your real life competitors. We encourage the self-test as the first step as if you undertake a SERP Optimizer - competitor test you might simply not get enough people to respond to get your Search options to get any meaningful results. For example if you are “Toms fizzy drinks” and you test against yourself against your competitors ie. “Coca Cola”, “Pepsi” and “Schweppes” you will simply not get enough Click-Throughs.

So we encourage the SERP Optimizer Self Test initially and then when you are well recognised we suggest the SERP Optimizer Competitor test.

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