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Businesses put a lot of effort and money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As SEO consists of numerous components, website developers sometimes forget to optimize the organic search result – in effect failing to create a link that entices customers to click through to the website.

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The organic search result is your unpaid listing and its composition is one of the most important factors to drive traffic to your website. The organic search result is the first thing prospective customers see when they search for a product or service you offer.

Substantial and even subtle word or phrase changes can have significant effects on Click-Through Rate (CTR) to your website. The SERP Optimizer Self-Test lets businesses and website owners optimize organic search results to increase CTR to their website.

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Why you'll enjoy using the Self-Test

Easy to Use and Effective

The Self-Test is easy to use, as you only have to fill in the Headlines, Descriptions and URLs you wish to trial, and we do the science for you. Share the URL provided with a database and wait until people complete the survey.

Not only is our SEM Tool is easy to use, it is also very effective. Predikkta shows that the slightest word changes in organic search result can have a significant effect on increasing Click-Through Rate to your website.

Multiple Tests

The Self-Test uses Predictive Analytics, which allows you to test 1,000’s of possible combinations of an organic search result, which is significantly different to A/B Testing or Split Testing, which are limited to testing two possibilities at a time. Predikkta saves you time over traditional testing.

Test Far-Reaching or Subtle Changes

The Self-Test takes place in a simulated environment that enables you to test whatever you want to test; without losing money, customers or business credibility. Test far-reaching or subtle changes and find out what motivates customers to click through to your website.

Real-Time Results

Access real-time results and use the simulator to view how other results compare to the predicted best. View detailed charts of your survey results. Your worst result may tell you as much about the customer as the best result.

Survey Guide

Do you need more information regarding which survey option is best for your business? We advise you to read our survey guide to help you decide.

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