Deciding on images can be tricky. Whether it’s a book cover, a poster for an event, a banner advertisement, an album cover or even if you just can’t decide on which image to use on the family Christmas card, Predikkta’s new Image Optimizer can help you determine which image is best suited to your needs. The possibilities are endless.

They say an image paints a thousand words. Did you know that the human brain processes visual information over 60,000 times faster than text-based information? Consequently, slight changes to an image can have a massive impact on your campaign or Click Through Rate (CTR). Visuals are able to captivate an audience and are more memorable than text. Therefore, using the right image is so very important.

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Fortunately, Predikkta has developed the Image Optimizer; a tool that utilises the scientific methods used in predictive analytics to find the optimum image for your needs. With an optimized image, you can better captivate your audience, increase your CTR, increase sales, get a message across more effectively or whatever else it may be that you are trying to achieve.

One more thing about the Image Optimizer tool: it is also 100% free.

Why You Will Enjoy Using The Image Optimizer

It’s Free

As a gift to the online community, Predikkta are offering the Image Optimizer for FREE. You can test away until your heart’s content without it costing you a thing.

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Easy And Simple To Use And Effective

The Image Optimizer is a simple tool to use. All you need to do is supply the images you want to use, and Predikkta will take care of the rest.

Not only is the Image Optimizer intuitive and simple to use, it can be highly effective. Images really draw the eye – so making sure you have the right one can see an increase in CTR, even if it is a slight adjustment.

Entering New Markets

Expanding into a new market? Translating or replicating ads that are common in your new market is a possible option. However, bringing something unique to any new market is a better one. Predikkta lets you test your images with the right target audience.

Learn What Makes Individuals Tick

Even more than SEM, visual marketing provides a chance to work out what makes your customers tick. Customer interaction can be improved on by adopting Predikkta’s recommendations – and your business will better understand your audience.

Real Time Results

Access real-time results and use the simulator to view how other results compare to the predicted best. View detailed charts of your survey results. Your worst result may tell you as much about the customer as the best result.

Survey Guide

Do you need more information regarding which survey option is best for your business? We advise you to read our survey guide to help you decide.

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