"Increase Click-Through Rates for Facebook Advertisements"

Facebook has become a household name – and with over 1 billion Facebook users out there, the ability to advertise your product or service directly to a segregated list of potential customers has never been easier. But does your ad have what it takes to get a good Click Through Rate (CTR)? Does it captivate your target market like it should?

Predikkta’s Facebook Ad Optimizer allows you to test multiple images as well as ad copy in order to optimize your ad’s impacts.

When it comes to improving the CTR for Facebook ads, there are two elements that need focussing on: the image and the ad copy. Predikkta has programs and methods of ensuring that the image is tested and optimized, making sure the image catches the eye of your intended audience.

Which image should you use in your Facebook Ad

Furthermore, Predikkta has scientifically proven methods of optimizing the ad text as well.

What text should you use in your Facebook Ad

Facebook does allow you to upload multiple images per campaign enabling you to see which one worked best. Unlike Facebook, Predikkta offers you the chance to conduct a more thorough survey without having to publish your campaign. By focussing on both the image as well as text facets of the Facebook ad, Predikkta ensures that your ad is optimised before you activate your ad campaign.

Why You Will Enjoy Using The Facebook Ad Optimizer

Easy To Use And Effective

The Facebook Ad Optimizer is a simple tool to use. All you need to do is supply the images you want to use (a variety is beneficial), as well as the ad copy and then send the survey out. The scientific methods Predikkta employs will take care of everything else.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very effective. Changes to the image, and even slight wording variations in the ad copy can have pronounced impacts on the CTR for your ad – which in turn has a big impact on your business.

Image And Text Optimization

Unlike with the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that Predikkta assists with, Facebook ads often need an image to stand out. As a result, Predikkta has developed a method of testing both images and text – all with the end goal of improving CTR.

Entering New Markets

Expanding into a new market? Translating or replicating ads that are common in your new market is a possible option. However, bringing something unique to any new market is a better one. Predikkta lets you test your Facebook ad in a simulated environment against local competitors with the right target audience.

Learn What Makes Individuals Click

Even more than SEM, Facebook marketing provides a chance to find learn what makes your customers click. CTR can be improved on by adopting Predikkta’s recommendations – and your business will learn what makes your customers click on your ad.

Real Time Results

Access real-time results and use the simulator to view how other results compare to the predicted best. View detailed charts of your survey results. Your worst result may tell you as much about the customer as the best result.

Survey Guide

Do you need more information regarding which survey option is best for your business? We advise you to read our survey guide to help you decide.

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