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Parts of the SERP Snippet preview tool:

Title Tags:

  • Google allows you to have a Title Tag that has a maximum width of 600 pixels. Because the pixel width is hard to measure, the rule of thumb is that the Title Tag may consist of 65 – 70 characters (including spaces).
  • If your Title Tag exceeds 70 characters (or 600px), Google will truncate your result and put an ellipsis (...) at the end of the tag.
  • The Predikkta SERP Snippet Simulator is adjusted to the latest known Google standards.

Meta Descriptions:

  • Other than the Title Tag the Meta Description is not based on pixels but on characters. There is no truncation point known, but the optimal length of the Meta Descriptions consist roughly of 165 characters.
  • If your Meta Descriptions exceeds the 165 characters, Google will probably put an ellipsis (...) at the end of the descriptions
  • Sometimes Google includes a date in front of the Meta Description, and counts this as part of the 155 characters. To be completely sure that the Meta Description is shown, we advice to have a Meta Description that is no longer than 160 characters.
  • In some cases Google shows a different Meta Description on the SERP than the one you created. This often happens when your description doesn't give the answer to the search query and Google can grab a better answer from the content on your site. So remind, you don't have full control over 'what is shown in Google'.


  • There are no real rules on the URL, but experts say to keep the length of the URL under 130 characters.
  • In the near future you will be able to extract your current Title Tag and Description by inserting URL. This way you can easily adjust your search result.


Check your Search Result against your competitors before going live.

After creating what you think is the perfect Search Result, when you get the Search result indexed, and review it against your competitors Search results, often the Search result needs changes, our tool lets you review your Ad before implementation.

Compared to other Snippet tools this Snippet Preview Tool allows you to immediately check your snippet against first page competitors. This way you can compare results and tweak your search result before you go live.

  • Just fill in the keywords and country you target and the tool will automatically show four (4) SERP competitors.