"At Predikkta, we get more traffic to websites."

Predikkta recommendations are data driven via a scientific process and then overlaid with specific Industry knowledge. Each client has a unique business proposition and a special connection with their customer. We enhance and facilitate a deeper customer connection. We adopt a fastidious approach.

Optimizing messaging in micro moments is integral to success in today’s digital world.

Among other opportunities we optimize the micro moments for business.

Based on Predictive Analytics, Predikkta Survey Technology tests to see what entices people to click on search advertisements on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), as well as advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We test 1000’s of possible Ad variations in a few hours.


Pre Predikkta – mysupernanny.com.au
Facebook advertisement was:

My Super Nanny Facebook Advertisement Before Preikkta *April 2015

Post Predikkta - mysupernanny.com.au
Facebook advertisement is:

My Super Nanny Facebook Advertisement After Preikkta *May 2015

Pre - Predikkta Click-Through Rate .05%
Post - Predikkta Click Through Rate .26%

Predikkta Survey Tool

A Predikkta Survey lets you test the impact of word or phrase variations on customers for paid and unpaid search advertisements on the world's most powerful advertising medium, Google. The Predikkta Survey is powered with the world's most advanced Survey Technology, Predictive Analytics.

From thousands of possible advertisement variations, Predikkta tells you which ad customers will most likely click on.

Consumers are seeing on average over 5,000 advertisements daily. A typical Google search is one of the main sources where people are exposed to ads.

After typing a search query into Google, customers often spend just a few milliseconds screening the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) before making a decision to click through.

predikkta versus traditional survey methods

We have spent years developing a science-based online survey platform that lets you test the impact of word and phrase variations on paid and unpaid search results.

The Predikkta Survey technology puts the power of deeper learning algorithms in the hands of anyone with internet access. We let you find out how people decide in that millisecond before clicking.

How a Predikkta Survey works

Predikkta works like a typical SERP. Respondents are shown different SERPs, each with different variations of the search results created. The user then 'clicks' on the combination of Headline, URL and Description they prefer.

With some automatic calculations, the model will report on the likelihood that the combination would yield a click through. Additional user interface functions automatically select the best and worst combinations, based reliable statistics. Analyze one of our case studies.

Set your current ad as the baseline for the Survey and test it against proposed variations.

Why is Predikkta different from a traditional survey?

Predikkta differs from traditional surveys, as it incorporates Predictive Analytics into the creation and interpretation of data collected. Predictive Analytics enables you to run 'what-if' experiments and test the effectiveness and future impact of various choices. This provides you with strategic options that lead to better decision-making.

Predikkta is the most advanced survey platform available. Predictive Analytics does not allow straight-lining and is interactive. This results in a delivery of higher response rates and ensures thoughtful responses and authentic insights.

Unlike traditional surveys, which offer random positioning, Predikkta employs a very deliberate positioning policy. This is not accidental, as it leads to an increase in the accuracy of the results.

Isn't randomization in a survey a good thing?

It is, but only to a certain extent. Randomization is often used as a marketing tool - inferring or suggesting a slightly more advanced survey than your typical count clicks survey. In fact, randomization was introduced to eliminate the bias that everyone clicks on the top button/option, or tries to manipulate a survey result by targeting the same button/option (straight-lining as it is often called).

On the other hand, every survey is unique with Predikkta Survey technology.. Each respondent is shown a different survey and the positioning is not random. Each survey is uniquely composed, but the predictive algorithm makes sure that all combinations are shown equitably covering all possible variations and positions. Furthermore, there is an error allowance in the algorithms.

Eliminating bias in Predikkta Survey

Search Engines like Google have become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Our survey platform is intuitive and comparable with everyday Google usage. Therefore, there is no need to train people to use the survey.

The survey is very difficult to manipulate. Also, the nature of most Google searchers reflects how the surveys are undertaken and completed. In effect, the survey reflects real world traits, which optimizes the predictions.

What is Predikkta’s weakness?

At Predikkta, we have eliminated all the experiment variables that we can control; however, one thing we can't control is the quality of respondents.

You should carefully consider to whom you send your survey, because in the end, the quality of respondents determine the quality of your results and you want these result to reflect the 'real' world.

Predikkta provides external survey panels, and our team of dedicated concierges are happy to discuss your proposed panel with you at any time, at no cost. It is important to get a quality survey panel. Read more about the difference between an internal and external survey panel.

We Survey your online advertisement

Your search advertisement (organic and paid search result) is your online gateway to generate customers at the lowest cost. Like all marketing campaigns, the advertisement needs to be specified to the target audience and carefully considered.

Your search advertisement has three primary ingredients: the Headline, URL and Description, which combine to create your paid and unpaid search result:

Google Search Result

Out of thousands of possible combinations of your Headline, URL and Description, Predikkta determines the best combination to optimize your CTR.

What makes customers click?

We help you develop the best search advertisement campaign to generate the most click-throughs to your website. Plus, our case study page allows you to analyze every combination and permutation that make up your website advertisements and help you determine what makes your customer click.

Get customers to click
predictive analytics vs a b testng

With our SEM Tools you can trial the effects of phrase changes or even subtle word changes on customers in vast numbers of possible combinations and permutations. Traditional research methods like A/B testing, where you are limited to testing two options at one time, or one variable, is time consuming and is not as balanced as Predictive Analytics.

The combination of Predictive Analytics and A/B testing is the optimum outcome. AdWords is set-up for A/B testing, so use it that way. But before you start, test millions of combinations or permutations in a Predikkta Survey then continue to A/B test at the pinnacle of the triangle.

How we Increase Click-Through-Rate

You can run 'what-if' experiments using Predictive Analytics, as well as trial the effectiveness of current or future strategic marketing options on customers. Our SEM Tools provide results that enable better decision-making.

target specifically arrow

SEM Tools

The SERP and AdWords Optimizers allow businesses to trial new variations of a search result in a simulated environment and find which result appeals most to customers. Our SEM Tools don't mechanically generate new phrase or word combinations of the search results, and don't replace copywriters or creatives.

Instead, our SEM Tools allow copywriters and creatives to trial, without risk, any phrase or word variation the website is considering. This applies to both, unpaid and Pay-Per-Click Advertisement (PPC).

Test unpaid search results with the SERP Optimizer and trial up to eight (8) of each for your Headline, URL and Description.

how do you know which hook to use when advertising


The AdWords Optimizer optimizes Pay-Per-Click Advertisements (PPC) and lets you trial up to six (6) of each. The AdWords Optimizer also allows you to test different kinds of AdWords Extensions like: Phone Number and Location before you have to commit to either. With the AdWords Optimizer you can find out what matters to your customer.

Read more on Headline, URL and Description

Based on a survey

The SEM Tools use the most advanced survey technique available to determine what advertisement is most appealing to your customers.

Practically, this means that after creating new variations of Headlines, Descriptions and URL's on our intuitive survey platform, you send an 'online survey' to a database.

The database responds and the Results are formatted to enable you to determine an outcome for every possible combination and permutation.

Finding Respondents

For small business, the toughest part of a Predikkta Survey is finding a quality panel of respondents. The value of the survey outcome is enhanced by the quality of the respondents.

For large companies, this is straightforward, as they usually have a large database and are used to buying 'panels of people' and dealing with focus groups.

'A Predikkta Survey'

Predikkta based on survey

Therefore, smaller companies and start-ups may have to do some lateral thinking and use social media connections or perhaps ask family for help.

For small business without a lot of resources, you need to have a small group of relevant people who you think will respond to your survey. Think of your email database and social media followers.

We provide panels of respondents at an additional cost.

Predictive Algorithm

An online survey is a common marketing tool, but it is our unique online Predictive Analytics algorithm that sets us apart and allows you to determine the best possible search result.

"We use science to evaluate your search results in order to allow you to gain higher Click-Through Rates and increase website traffic."

On a practical level, due to the Predictive Analytics algorithm, every survey is unique. The algorithm selects a subset of all possible surveys to find the optimum outcome; therefore, only a relatively small number of respondents are needed to find significant results. Predictive Analytics also enable you to trial millions of combinations and permutations and find the optimum outcome. The Survey Technology behind our SEM Tools is significantly more advanced than anything else on the market.

All takes place in a simulated environment

The SEM Tools are run as a simulated online survey experiment. Hence, testing variations of newly created unpaid and paid advertisements occurs in a simulated environment. This is a key differential with traditional A/B testing methods.

By testing in a simulated environment, you are able to test whatever you want to trial; without losing money, customers or credibility. Customers increasingly are transient and competition on the SERP is fierce.

It is critical to have the most attractive advertisement on the SERP.

That is why we encourage testing a range of substantial or subtle changes in your 'new' Headline or Description. For example:

focus on search result
  • Something improbable might influence a decision.
  • Include the possible - not just the probable.
  • Include a wide margin - especially with prices and discounts.

Why focus on Click-Through Rate?

As a business you want to capture searchers when they start their search journey, because that is the lowest cost opportunity to do so. Click-Through Rate (CTR) measures how successful you have been in capturing users 'interest' and therefore CTR is considered online fuel for a business. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that CTR is impacting on SEO and rankings – so it's no longer something that can be ignored by the traditionalist school of SEO.

With respect to the SERP, we have found that when it comes to human decision-making, there are generally five (5) contributing factors that influence CTR. In order of importance they are:

  1. Page Rank
  2. Brand
  3. Headline
  4. Description
  5. URL
Read more on Page Rank and Brand

Focus on what you can directly influence

At Predikkta, we don't focus on the first two factors (i.e. Page Rank and Brand) as we can't directly control these factors. Page Rank is, for example, due to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) investments and consists of a lot of variables and components.

We focus on what is actually shown on the SERP, and on the factors that you can directly control and influence (i.e. Headline, Description and URL).

focus on search result

Be original and stand out

With the SERP and AdWords Optimizer, you can test your original unpaid and paid advertisements in a simulated environment to increase CTR. Use science to reduce risk!

Test what makes customers click on your online advertisement.

Stand out on the SERP