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The AdWords - Competitor Test gives your business the opportunity to test your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement directly against your competition.

AdWords campaigns are costly, but are the fastest way to be top ranked on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and are a great way to attract customers. Predikkta lets you target customers with the right PPC Ad and help you increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) of your AdWords campaigns.

A search for the keywords 'New York Florist' reveals the following 3 'Top Ads':

nyc florist ad examples

New York Florist

Each of the above 'New York Florist' ads contain different Headlines, Descriptions, Call-To-Actions (CTA) and Extensions. What triggers prospective customers to click through? Does including your phone number and location help? Or is it vitally important to show a discount price or free delivery to trigger customers to click?

Which one of these three ads do you think is most attractive to customers? Is it the first ad, with 'free delivery', which includes a location? Is it the second ad, with the 'Free call number'? Or is it the third ad, as they add a personal touch, hand-delivering the flowers?

If you wanted to compete with those three New York florists, what ad promotion should you run? Should you try something different like “Free delivery within 2 hours”? Is this the best Call-To-Action for fast-paced New Yorkers, or is a discount the most attractive?

Predikkta helps you, with scientific accuracy, make the most attractive ad to run on AdWords.

With the AdWords – Competitor Test you can, in one simple intuitive survey, test thousands of variations of ad copy. With Predikkta, in hours you can find the optimum copy to publish for your PPC ad. Naturally, this means you can start capturing those customers who may have been clicking through to your competitor’s.

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Easy to Use and Effective

The Competitor Test is easy to use, as you only have to fill in the Headlines, Descriptions and URLs, as well as the extensions you wish to trial, and we do the scientific and hard work for you. Share the URL provided with a database and wait for people to complete the survey.

Not only is our SEM Tool easy to use, it is also very effective. Predikkta shows that the slightest word change in an organic search result can have a significant effect on increasing CTR to your website.

Multiple Tests

The AdWords Optimizer Tool lets you test different kinds of AdWords extensions, like the Call and Location Extensions.

Test to see if placing a phone number or a location in a PPC Advertisement has an influence on the CTR. Perhaps the CTR changes with different locations?

Simulated Environment

All of Predikkta’s tests take place in a simulated environment, which allows you to experiment without risking you current AdWords campaign or business reputation. Test radical or subtle changes and discover what triggers your customers to and makes them click through. Include wide ranges, especially with prices and discounts, and as you may find that sometimes something unexpected or improbable influences a decision.

Battle Against Competitors

Test your ads directly against your competitors in a simulated environment and find out what you need to do to get that first click. Which search result works best against competitors? Find the optimum AdWords result(s) and bring more traffic to your website!

Entering New Markets

Expanding into a new market? Translating or replicating search results for the new market is a possible option. However, the option of bringing something new into any market is a better one. Predikkta lets you test your unpaid search results in a simulated environment against local competitors with the right target audience.

Considering New Markets

Many companies overestimate the strength of their home grown brand when entering a new market. On the same note companies underestimate the strength of the incumbent brand's home grown advantage.

Predikkta is a key tool when assessing movement into a new market. By running a Predikkta survey, which is simulated, you can test new markets before you get there!

Real-Time Results

Access real-time results and use the simulator to view how other results compare to the predicted best. View detailed charts of your survey results, and look at them carefully - your worst result may tell you as much about the customer as the best result.

Survey Guide

Do you need more information regarding which survey option is best for your business? We advise you to read our survey guide to help you decide.

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