“How do you compare with your competitors on Google?"

The SERP Optimizer - Competitor Test gives your business the opportunity to test your organic search result directly against your competitors’ results.

It is in the interest of businesses to secure customers at the initial point they try and enter the market, i.e. on a customer’s Google search.

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Your organic search result, or unpaid listing, is something that immediately distinguishes you from your competitors. However, often no effort or thought goes into this free ad’s composition. The organic search result is your opportunity to persuade a visitor to click through to your website.

Predikkta allows you to test your unpaid search result directly against your competitor’s results and find the optimum search result. This means you will learn what makes potential customers click through to your website instead of your competitor’s. Predikkta will help you optimize to get the first click on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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Why you'll enjoy using the Competitor Test

Easy to Use and Effective

The Competitor Test is easy to use, as you only have to fill in the Headlines, Descriptions, and URLs you wish to trial, and we do the science for you. Share the URL provided with a database and wait until people complete the survey.

Not only is our SEM Tool easy to use it is also very effective. Predikkta shows that the slightest word changes in organic search result can have a significant effect on increasing Click Through Rate (CTR) to your website.

Multiple Tests

The Competitor Test uses Predictive Analytics which allows you to test thousands of possible combinations of an organic search result. Predictive Analytics is significantly different to A/B Testing (or Split Testing) which is limited to testing only two possibilities at a time. Predikkta saves you time, and is more efficient than traditional testing methods.

Simulated Environment

The testing process takes places in a simulated environment, which enables you to experiment with whatever you want to test. Test radical or subtle changes to find out what entices your customers to click through. Include numerous options, especially with prices and discounts, as you may find that sometimes something improbable or unforseen influences a decision.

Battle Against Competitors

Test directly against your competitors in a simulated environment and find out what they are doing. Which search results works best against competitors? Find the optimum organic search result and stand out from the rest!

Entering New Markets

Expanding into a new market? Translating or replicating search results for a new market is a possible option. However, trying something new to any new market is a better one. Predikkta lets you test your unpaid search results in a simulated environment against local competitors with the right target audience.

Real Time Results

Access real time results and use the simulator to view how other results compare to the predicted best. View detailed charts of your survey results, and look carefully - your worst result may tell you as much about the customer as the best result.

Survey Guide

Do you need more information regarding which survey option is best for your business? We advise you to read our survey guide to help you decide.

How to organize a Competitor Test

Is your business a well-established brand? Is it a start-up? Are you considering a start-up? Are you on Page 1 of a Google search or Page 5? Are you considering buying a business? Are you moving into a new market and want to understand what appeals your potential customer base?

You can probably think of many reasons to undertake a competitor test, and in every situation a competitor test is beneficial. The graph below shows how to organize your SERP Optimizer - Competitor Test:

How to organize your SERP Optimizer - competitor test
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