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The main challenge in conducting a Predikkta Survey is locating potential respondents. Depending on the goal of the survey, you can either use an internal database or external survey panel to locate respondents.

At Predikkta, we recommend you to test your Survey on an internal and external database. This is optimum and will allow analysis of any differentiation, between current and prospective customers. Further, it will confirm the accuracy of the results.

This is extremely useful for large organizations, whereas 1% increase in sales can significantly impact your business.

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At Predikkta, we can help you obtain an external survey panel. It works like this: (1) build your Survey, (2) tell us whom you want to reach and (3) sit back and see the results come in. We have access to respondents from over 50 countries worldwide. Get in touch and tell us whom you want to reach.

How Does it Work?

How Predikkta Services Works

External survey panel

An external Survey panel is a database not attached to your company or brand, and is usually comprised of people who have signed up to complete Surveys for compensation. This means that if you use an external Survey panel you ‘buy’ respondents.

The main advantage of an external Survey panel is that it gives you the opportunity to target a specific audience, who are independent of your brand or company. Create the audience who will most likely click on your business category, based on dozens of targeting criteria.





Parental Status


Household Income

Children's Age

Small Business


Employment Status


We have access to Survey takers from over 50 countries worldwide.

Whether you're looking for answers from online shoppers in the UK or surfers from Australia, we can help you find people whose opinions matter most to your project.

How much does an external panel cost?

It depends on the amount of respondents and how specific your target audience is. Keep in mind that the value of an independent Survey panel cannot be underestimated. In the longer run these accurate results will improve your return on investment (ROI).

An approximate cost for a Survey panel with respondents from the USA (18 and over) is $3.00 per response. If you get specific and only want pregnant woman in Chicago, the cost may rise to $30 per respondent.

There is usually a set up fee of circa $150 per Survey, so the cost of a basic AdWords Survey that needs approximately 90 responses is:

Survey Cost
Set Up Fee $150
Per Response (90x$3) $270
Total $420

Please contact us to get more information about the cost of an external panel

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What is the response time?

Response time will vary depending on the characteristics of the target audience and the sample size. In most cases, a typical Predikkta Survey can be completed within less than 24 hours.

Internal Database

You may already have a large database to get respondents.

The advantage of an internal database is that you get results from people who are already interested in your service. These results will probably give a good understanding of what appeals to prospective customers.

When conducting a competitor test, the disadvantage of an internal database is that the results might be biased. This is because respondents from your own database, most likely, have a preference choosing your brand or company over those of your competitors. Therefore, on a competitor test we recommend that you use an external database.

How to use an internal database

Your internal database can be from anywhere. They just need internet access. Use your email database or your social media channels to get the respondents you want. You can also use friends, family or employees to respond to your Survey.

Any queries on the Predikkta Survey?

If you are not sure what the best option is for your Survey, don't hesitate to contact one of your dedicated concierges.