Predikkta collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance digital businesses. We sit at the intersection of business and digital technology to help clients improve their online performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

We make decisions on the basis of what is best for our clients and their digital future. Adopting a data driven analytical approach we test the foundations of your current methodology and identify short term and long term opportunities. Our methodology uses proprietary software founded in Discrete Choice Modelling.

Clients include the Federal Government and ASX listed companies.

Digital is integral to business success.

Businesses with the highest levels of digital engagement are:

  • 2X more likely to be growing revenue
  • Earn 2X more revenue per employee
  • 4X more likely to be hiring

Source: Conntected Small Business report, Deloitte Access Economics

Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, Predikkta can identify new business and technology trends and develop digital solutions to help clients around the world. We adopt a fastidious approach and review the fundamentals of your digital platform.

From running a scientific experiment on an organic search result for immediate uplift or a deconstruction of the entire digital strategy to isolate growth opportunities.

Reviewing the customer gateway to your website is often an opportunity for immediate ROI. We increased a client’s Click-Through Rate from 5.7% to 11% in one week for the keyword term “Car Insurance”.

discovery google result before predikkta

We conducted a Predikkta survey on 300 people, or the equivalent of circa 12,000 people in a standard survey. The Predikkta survey is powered by our complex mathematical algorithms, which means the results are more accurate than a standard survey.

The search results were implemented and the ad was changed to the below:

discovery google result after predikkta

In the first week the changes were indexed according to Google webmaster the Click-Through Rate (CTR) increased from 5.7% to 11% for the keyword term "car insurance".

Building on the knowledge that only Predikkta’s survey technology could provide, the search result has been refined into its current day result:

discovery current google result snippet

The CTR for the term “car insurance” for Discovery has continued to climb.

The term “car insurance” was the 100th most click-through term for The Discovery website over the last 12 month period. In February, "car insurance" became the 15th most clicked through term to the website.

Pre Predikkta – - Search visits from March 2014 – February 2015

Keyword Term Click-Through rate
Car Insurance .03%

Post Predikkta – Search visits last 28 days – to 12 March 2015

Keyword Term Click-Through rate
Car Insurance .45%

*Courtesy of Similar Web

The impact on Competition (“Hippo”) is ranked No 1 for the Keyword “Car Insurance” in South Africa. Hippo is a comparative car insurance website and is Discovery’s closest Competitor for the keyword term “car insurance”. Hippo has a 12 month average of 1.6% for the term “car insurance”, which post Predikkta search result implementation declined to .59%.

Pre Predikkta – - Search visits from March 2014 – February 2015

Keyword Term Click-Through rate
Car Insurance 1.6%

Post Predikkta – Search visits last 28 days – to 12 March 2015

Keyword Term Click-Through rate
Car Insurance .59%

*Courtesy of Similar Web

Hippo has suffered over a 50% decline in organic traffic for the keyword “car insurance” as a direct result of the ad variation made by Discovery Health.

Search results and the words you use matter.

Do not underestimate the power that Predikkta has – especially when it comes to bringing more people to your website.

“Get more traffic to your website with Predikkta”

The problem that we solve?

We optimize your online ads to increase the amount of people clicking through to your website. Predikkta adopts unique survey technology to optimize the Click-Through Rate for unpaid and paid advertisements on Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Predikkta is a revolutionary innovation in web-based survey technology.

Founded on the principle of the scientific method of Predictive Analytics, Predikkta has adopted a generational scientific breakthrough to create the SERP and AdWords Optimizer, which are survey tools to optimize Click-Through Rates on Search Advertisements.

Predikkta Survey Tools allow you to test millions of advertisement arrangements variations in one survey and provides you the best outcome; to maximize people clicking through to your website.

Typical Google Result Page
Unpaid vs Paid search result

Optimize Organic Search Results

The organic search result is a 'Free Advertisement' space on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). At Predikkta, we call them your FLEADS or Free Leads. The organic search result (or Google snippet) consists of Headline, Description and URL.

frea leads organic search

Website owners and marketing executives should spend time and considerable effort into making the organic search result as attractive as possible so customers click through.

Your 'no cost' or 'free' organic search result should give prospective customers every reason to click through to your website. The survey technology behind Predikkta reveals what makes customers click.

fleads organic search

SERP Optimizer

Predikkta created the SERP Optimizer Tool, which is a survey tool to help you find the optimal organic search result or optimal FLEAD for your business. Sometimes little thought goes into framing the Organic Search result/FLEAD and a large number of websites rely on their original unpaid listing developed solely with old school SEO in mind.

How SEO impacts Search Results is often misunderstood and therefore many marketing teams do not bring their full attention to creating the best Advertisement for their 'FLEADS' (Free Leads).

The words and description used on your FLEAD are vitally important, and not only for SEO. The language employed in the FLEAD impacts on your ability to attract customers to click through to your website. Finding the balance is critical. Pre-eminent SEO consultants combine attractiveness of the FLEAD/Search Result with SEO. An attractive advertisement is crucial to CTR. Your advertisement must resonate at all times with customers - and if it does, your FLEAD will drive Click-Through Rate.

With Predikkta, you can find the balance between an SEO prepared search result and an enticing, attractive FLEAD.

Example of optimizing organic search results

The SERP Optimizer Tool uses Predictive Analytics, which enables you to test thousands of variations in one survey. Our enterprise clients can test millions of variations and arrangements. With the SERP Optimizer, you can test substantial or subtle word changes across your FLEAD/Organic Search Result and find the most enticing combination for people to click through to your website.

Try the SERP Optimizer now

Optimize Pay-Per-Click results

Paid search or Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is, for many businesses the most powerful tool available in today's marketing campaigns. Google launched AdWords in 2000, and in 2014 Google will generate over 50 billion dollars in revenue from paid search advertising. Google is the biggest paid advertising medium in the world.

At Predikkta, we focus on what inspires visitors to click on PPC Advertisements. Rather than just set-up a campaign and leaving it to its own devices, we want to find the most enticing ad for customers that will incentivise them to click through to your website. We want to optimize the ad’s success.

We have created the AdWords Optimizer Tool, which lets you test different kinds of PPC Ad variations against each other. Target specific customers and increase the Click-Through Rate on PPC.

Target specifically with AdWords

PPC advertisements are listed in the sponsored section of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and are separated from organic search results. Paid search advertisements programs like Google AdWords give you the opportunity to bid on a set of keywords that you think your customers will be searching for. Assuming you have bid enough for the keywords, when a customer searches for one of your keywords your ad will be shown on the SERP.

carbon copy and predikkta results

Businesses often make the mistake of believing that once they have created a PPC ad they will start generating sales. This is a myth encouraged by Google. The truth is very different: creating Paid Ads needs careful calibration, as competition is fierce and constantly evolving. That's why many businesses lose money with their PPC ads. Targeting keywords or identifying negative keywords is only part of optimizing a PPC ad. The 'Headline' & 'Call to Action' in the ad copy is integral to the success of the advertisement.

AdWords Optimizer

With Predikkta, you can test which type of paid search result, catch cry, or Call to Action works for your business. The AdWords Optimizer Tool lets you test different kinds of Headlines, Descriptions and URLs in a simulated environment.

The AdWords Optimizer Tool uses Predictive Analytics, which enables you to test numerous combinations and variations to determine the optimum combination for your AdWords campaign. Optimize the CTR for your paid advertisements and start increasing sales.

Example of optimizing a PPC Advertisement
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