"Increase Click-Through Rates for Instagram Advertisements"

Predikkta have officially launched an Instagram Optimizer tool to improve CTR (Click Through Rate). Similar to the Facebook Optimizer, it aims at combining image and text optimization for a social media platform.

Why Instagram?

The social media platform is one of the fastest growing out there, and has already overtaken Twitter in the number of users (over 400 million to Twitter’s 316 million). Furthermore, Instagram has adopted Facebook’s effective method of targeted advertising, which is highly beneficial to both consumers and for businesses.

Instagram logo old to new

Although exclusive and expensive at the moment, Instagram is expected to become more available to the wider public relatively soon. So it would be wise to get involved (if possible) with the Instagram bandwagon, and, considering that the Instagram userbase is rapidly expanding to include most demographics (especially those outside the US), the likelihood of finding a target market is high.

And Predikkta can help you enter the Instagram market with the confidence of having a respectable CTR for your ads. However, before you even with Predikkta, there are some things you can do.

The Tips

So, some advice for businesses looking at advertising on Instagram:

Do Your Research

Before you even begin constructing your ad, really make sure you have your target audience understood thoroughly. As with all forms of advertising, if you have no real aim, then your ad will fail, no matter how much time and energy are poured into it.

Once you have decided on your audience, you also need to learn more about what will appeal to them. What causes they support, what style of photos they like, what makes them want to click on an ad or a link.

Make The Shot Count

One difference between Instagram advertising and SERP advertising (and even, to certain extents, Facebook advertising) is the heavy reliance on the photo or image. Instagram’s user base generally tend towards being creative, or at least have an appreciation for it. This means they will be able to spot a poor photo shoot (or photoshop) immediately, and punish the advertisement accordingly.

What this means is that you will need to put in considerable effort into the photo. Whilst it may cost a little extra to hire a decent photographer, you will find that the cost will be rewarded. It doesn’t necessarily have to be artistic (although creative can really be a good way to go), but it does have to be good quality and work well with the Instagram decor. With Predikkta’s assistance, you can find out

More Than A Photo

As crucial part of any Instagram post, although slightly less noticed than the photo, is the text. This includes the often-abused hashtags as well as the text used. Advertisers (as well as regular Instagram users) have been known to neglect the text in their posts, and this is to their detriment.

Calls to action, hashtags, and situational awareness are all crucial when getting an advertisement right. Knowing when to include a link to a particular product or site, or whether including particular descriptions of your business or product can mean the difference between a good ad and a great one, and this too is an area where Predikkta can really give you an edge over your competition.

Videos Should Be Utilised

Although not something Predikkta can assist with directly, videos are becoming quite an important factor in improving your Instagram CTR. So long as they are mixed effectively with images as well, they can add an interesting flair and uniqueness to an advertising campaign. It should also be noted that videos can now last up to 60 seconds, which gives you a whole minute to engage and captivate - as well as entertain - your audience.

Build A Community, Do Public Good, Or Find Something Unique

Want to stand out from the crowd, and get those extra clicks? Then find something unique, such as a public cause or something mildly eccentric about your business. Do you use only fruits grown locally? Are your shirts only made from cotton grown off the east bank of the Nile? Or do part of your proceeds go to helping blind children read? Make sure to tell your intended audience that.

At the same time, make sure it’s something that would resonate with your target audience. This comes back to doing your research, and then artfully choosing what to both advertise and what you support.

How Predikkta Can Help

Predikkta’s Instagram advertiser is not quite ready, as we are currently making some minor alterations to code to ensure it works to the best of its ability. However, as has previously mentioned, the Instagram Optimizer tool aims at improving the number of clicks a particular ad will receive. With more people clicking on an ad, there is an increased likeliness that they will buy from your company - so having a as many clicks as you can get is of the utmost importance.

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