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This guide is to help you decide which type of Predikkta survey suits your specific situation.

Organic Survey/Unpaid Google Ad

The organic survey or SERP Optimizer helps you find the best Ad, so the most people click through to your website. You can’t A/B test your free Google Ad. Predikkta is the best science to getting the most clickable Ad. With the SERP Optimizer you can test multiple search results against themselves or against their competitors.


The organic Self-Test is useful for every kind of business, from start-ups to established busineses. Every business needs to put effort in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We often see companies don't pay enough attention to this part of their marketing, and therefore their organic search result is not optimized for the 'user'.

Use the Self-Test to find what you should advertise in your organic search result. Small word or phrase changes can have a big impact on your Click-Through Rate (CTR).

SERP optimizer surveys


Is your business a well-established brand? Is it a start-up? Are you considering a start-up? Are you on Page 1 of the SERP? Are you considering buying a business or moving into a new market?

Then the organic Competitor-Test is extremely useful for your business, but there are numerous scenarios to think of in which the Competitor-Test can also help you increase your CTR.

The Competitor-Test lets you test your newly created search results directly against its competitors in the SERP. This survey helps you stand out from your competitors on the SERP via what looks 'just a simple survey'.

AdWords Survey

The AdWords Survey / AdWords Optimizer lets you test different AdWords campaigns or Pay-Per-Click advertisements against each other. The AdWords survey allows finding the most enticing advertisement for your potential customers.


About to start an AdWords campaign and don't know what the best copy is to start with? Perhaps you've got an AdWords Campaign up and running, but the right people are not clicking or your ranking is too low?

The AdWords Self-Test lets you test multiple advertisements against each other, in order to find the most enticing advertisement for your customers.


The AdWords competitor test is extremely useful for advertisers who know their way around Google AdWords.

AdWords optimizer surveys

The AdWords Competitor Test gives you the opportunity to test different advertisements against your competitors on the SERP. Find out what makes your customers click and improve your ROI.

Number of scenarios per Survey

Both the Organic and AdWords Survey have the option to select the amount of scenarios per survey. This means you can choose the amount of Search Engine Result Pages each responder will see. You can choose from 2, 4, 6 or the standard 8 scenarios in our Surveys.

The biggest disadvantage of showing fewer scenarios is that you need more respondents to get reliable results. Read how we can help you getting more respondents.

Having fewer scenarios also comes with a few advantages compared to the standard 8 scenarios;

  • Less risk of having respondents clicking on the top results only, due to boredom;
  • Less risk that the respondents finds a pattern in the survey;
  • Shorter survey time, should lead to higher a respond rate;
  • Higher variety of respondents.

Amount of search results per Survey

Organic Survey

The organic survey allows creating eight (8) different Headlines, Descriptions and URLs per survey. Normally you set your current search as the baseline, which allows 7 variations to test against your baseline.

The organic Competitor-Test allows testing against seven (7) competitors.

SERP optimizer surveys
AdWords Survey

The AdWords survey allows creating six (6) different Headlines, Descriptions and URLs per survey. Set your current advertisement as the baseline and compare how the five (5) new advertisements compare to this.

To AdWords Competitor-Test allows to test against four (4) competitors.

If you still have any questions after reading this guide, please contact one of our dedicated concierges