How to Update your META Tags.

Working with code can be daunting for the non-developer. So, we'll try and keep this as simple as possible.
We'll walk you through updating or adding META tag information to a basic HTML file.
We'll also show you the easiest way to update your META tags in Wordpress.

Basic HTML

Step 1

head tag in html file

Open the "index.html" file in a text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and find the <head></head> tags. If it doesn't already exist, then add them to the top of your document.

Step 2

title tag in html file

Find the <title></title> tags and type in your desired headline in between the two tags.
If the tags don't exist, add them in yourself.

You have now updated your Headline!

Step 3

description meta tag in html file

Find <meta> that has "name="description"" in the tag and type in your desired description in between the quotation marks of "content=""".
Again, if it doesn't exist, just copy the code from this image.

You have now updated your Description!


The easiest way to update your META tags in Wordpress is to install an SEO plugin. There are many free and paid plugins to choose from and we like the All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert for it's features and ease of use.

Step 1

add new plugin wordpress tutorial

To install the plugin, login to your Wordpress site with an account that has admin privileges. Hover over "Plugins" on the Dashboard menu and click on "Add New".
Type "All in One SEO Pack" into the search field and install it directly.
If you want to do this manually, read this.

Step 2

all in one seo tab wordpress dashboard

Once you're done installing, you'll notice a new SEO tab on the top as well as in the Dashboard. Click on one of them to navigate to the plugin page.

Step 3

all in one seo home page settings example

You should now be looking at the General Settings.
Scroll down to the "Home Page Settings" and enter your desired Title and Description into the relevant fields. Save the changes by clicking on "Update Options" and that's it!

This is a very powerful plugin and there is a lot of tweaking that you can do with it. We suggest you don't change anything unless you understand what it does first.